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Hotel information Confidentiality


The strictest confidentiality with regards to internal hotel information, contracted rates, guest information, financial results and budgets etc. must be adhered to at all times by all associates, to protect business interests of the hotel, the privacy of guests and owner interests.


Associates should never disclose internal hotel information to external people. Sensitive internal information can for example be:

Financial results

Contracts rates

Business strategies

Budget and forecasts

Contents of internal meetings


Where a caller requests information such as, hotel occupancy, average rate, names of long stay guests, names of companies frequently the hotel, etc. refer call to the Guest Service Manager or Duty Manager.


If the caller persists notify the  Manager.


If any one requests information or documents, reports with the above information, refer all request through the Manager. unless already given authorization from senior management.


Information relating to guests, such as rate, room-number, personal habits etc. is also considered confidential, to protect guests’ privacy and ensure the security of the guest.

Associates are not permitted to copy files on floppy-disks and remove them from the hotel.

Report to the management if someone requests for confidential information.



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