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1)Prepare your cleaning supplies bucket for the day.


2)Inside the bucket put a bottle of R1, R2, R3 & R5.



3)Put a sponge for the toilet and a sponge for other cleaning purposes in the bucket along with a toilet brush.


4)Place the bucket on the trolley as per the photo.


5)Ensure the trolley shelves and the top of the trolley which is allocated for guest supplies is clean and debris free.

6)Check the soiled linen bag for cleanliness, ensure there are no newspaper bags in the bottom!


What condition must the bucket be in?





What are R1, R2, R3 & R5?



Where do you refill the bottles from?



Why is it important to have a separate sponge for the toilet?










The bucket must be clean and dry with no old pieces of soap, shampoo etc. inside from the previous days work!



R1 – toilet cleaner, R2 – multi surface cleaner, R3 – glass cleaner, R5 – air conditioner.

Fill  up the re-useable bottles from the dispensers in the Housekeeping Office.


Toilets carry harmful bacteria so it is essential that the sponge used to wash the outside of the toilet bowl and lid is separate from the sponge used to clean the sink, bath, glasses etc.

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