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1)All lost & found items must be handed over to the Housekeeping office Ordertaker immediately.  Recreation has their own lost and found procedure and therefore will deal accordingly with any items found in that specific area.




2)Non valuable items will be logged and stored in the Housekeeping Department.  All valuable items will also be logged by Housekeeping, however, they will then be handed over to the accounts department.


3)All items will be given a number, a description, the location and person who found it.  This information must be logged into the book.  The ordertaker must also enter his/her name as the person who is receiving the items for logging and storing purposes.

4)All items that are collected by the guest or a named person must be signed for in the log book both by the guest and the person handling the inquiry.


5)All items can be forwarded by mail or express.  Mailing items will be done by the Housekeeping department and an entry of the process must be entered into the log book.  The cost of up to 5kg will be taken care of by the hotel, there after the guest will be charged.


6)The guest must confirm by fax any items to be sent, stating the correct name and address of where to send the items?



7)The lost & found books are always kept in the Housekeeping Office, should any inquiry come after the ordertaker has gone home, the Night Manager informs the guest if the item has been found. The only people to have access to the lost & found cupboard are the Director of H/K,  Asst. Ex H/K and Night Manager.


Why is it important to hand over all lost and found items immediately?









Why are valuable items given to accounts?







Why is all this information necessary?








Why must both parties sign the book?





Why is a weight limit stipulated for the maximum amount the hotel will pay for?







Why is this important?







Why are do only 3 people have access to the cupboard?




If a guest loses something in the hotel or forgets something in the room, it is much easier to call the ordertaker so that he/she can look in the lost and found book, knowing that everything that has been found in the hotel (with the exception of recreation) is logged in the book.  The ordertaker can then give a quick and accurate answer to whoever is inquiring about the lost item rather than having to put the caller on hold or call the caller back while people search all over the various places the item  could be.


Valuables are placed in a safe situated in the accounts department, hence the reason why they are given to accounts.





It is important to write all the information down for locating purposes if a guest call up a few weeks later inquiring about items.  It is also important to write the finder down because after 6 months the item will be given to the finder.


Both parties must sign the book so if there are any queries later on it is easy to find out who dealt with the situation.



If a weight limit is not stipulated then the hotel could end up paying a lot of money for heavy and large amounts of forgotten items!





Sometimes guests speak with a foreign accent, it is difficult to understand them so errors whilst writing down the forwarding address might occur.  It is also proof of the sending address should any queries occur at a later date.


Tight control is kept with the lost & found keys to prevent any pilfering.

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    We studied that the lost and found article is handed to the finder as a rightful owner incase articles are not claimed.but you didnt mention that.why is it so?
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    replenishing the linen


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