Front Office Department Introduction

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The Front Office Department comprise of the Reception, Guest Service Offices, Bell Services, Reservation, Operators, Executive Club, Health and Recreation Center and Business Center. The purpose of the Front Office Department is to provide guests assistance with luggage, transportation, information concerning the hotel and the city, and any other service arrangements needed during their stay.
Employees of the Front Office Department often provide the first and last impression of the hotel to our guests. It is therefore vitally important that employees display a prompt and courteous attitude to all guests and demonstrate the excellence in service.
The Front Office Manager who comes under the direct supervision of the Director of Rooms and supervises the Front Office Department
 Important of Front Office Department to the Hotel

 Hospitality, warm welcome
Often provide first and last impression.
Often have longest contact with guest.

Continuity: Long term service, recognition of repeat guests, remember names, guest histories.

Acquaint guest with hotel.

Sell hotel food and beverage outlets.

Upsell: Suggest deluxe and suites.

Smoother over disgruntled guests.

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Hai Now i am studying Hotel Management Degree course.i want to choose my career in front office department........
Anybody have any experience about this departmentt.say some few words with us ........
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good stuff! thanks
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my topic on "Different Departments Of Front Office"
so Plz help me in it<<.

See Organization of the Front Office Department:
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my topic on "Different Departments Of Front Office"
so Plz help me in it<<<
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hi my name is joy&gt;&gt; maybe you can help me with my research" Utilizayion of technology in .

Hi, Joy, It`s a very interesting topic, why don`t you post more related information and let people discuss on the forum.
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hi my name is joy>> maybe you can help me with my research" Utilizayion of technology in front office department." thank you'''please help!
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