Definition : Front office organization

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The front office has the following functions:
 Sells guestrooms
 Registers guests, assigns guestrooms
 Processes future room reservations
 Coordinates guest services
 Provides information
 Maintains accurate room status information
 Manages all guest accounts and credit limits
 Produces guest account statements
 Completes a financial settlement with each
guest upon departure.
The front office is the most visible department in
a hotel and the front desk typically occupies a
prominent place in the hotel’s lobby. Guests come
to the front desk to register, to receive room assignments,
inquire about available services, facilities,
and the city or surrounding area; and to check out.
Since the front office may be the only contact a
guest has with the hotel it is essential that the staff
of the front office is organized, competent, and
courteous. The front desk often serves as the focal
point for guest requests regarding housekeeping,
engineering, and information. Other services provided
by the front office of a hotel handling guest
and house mail, messaging services for the guest,
and departing the guest from the hotel. Front office
cashiers post charges and payments to guest
accounts, all of which are later verified during an
account auditing procedure. Front desk personnel
also may verify outstanding accounts receivable,
and produce daily reports for management.

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