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Senior Housekeeper (Supervisor)
Senior Housekeeper
Immediate Supervisor
Housekeeping manager
8:00 a.m.–4:30 p.m.
Weekdays and Saturdays
9:00 a.m.–5:30 p.m.
Sundays and holidays
To follow the instructions of the executive housekeeperand/
orhousekeepingmanager inorder tomaintain
company standards of cleanliness throughout the
rooms section of the hotel.To supervise theGRAsand
section housekeeping aides assigned to the housekeeping
team.To relay information concerning the status of
rooms to and from the housekeeping office.
1. Report to housekeeping at 8:00 a.m.
in uniform. and clock in.
2. Secure keys and worksheet for assigned area.
3. Note all ready rooms and checkouts
on the worksheet.
4. Proceed to assigned area and check all ready
rooms to make sure they are up to standard
for early morning check-ins. Should
a tidy be necessary, tidy the room. If a
room needs extensive cleaning, it should be
reported to the housekeeping manager and
noted on the discrepancy report.
5. Report all checkouts and other information
such as early makeups and ASAP (as
soon as possible) rooms to GRAs.
6. Make a round of entire assigned area, checking
for items in need of immediate attention
such as burned-out lights, spots on
hall carpets or walls, trash in stairwells,
and spills in ice machine areas.
7. Check all GRAs’ supplies and equipment
to be sure they are in working condition.
(All section housekeeping supervisors should
know the prescribed use of all authorized
cleaning equipment and chemicals.)
8. Spot-check (inspect) rooms completed by the
GRA in the section. Make sure that standards
have been properly met in rooms being
cleaned and that a room is ready to be sold
for occupancy to a guest before releasing
the room to the housekeeping office.
9. Keep a record of all rooms deep-cleaned in
each section so that rooms are periodically
deep-cleaned on a rotating basis.
10. Report any damage to guestrooms, corridors,
or equipment seen or reported
by a GRA. Such information should be
reported to the housekeeping manager
or executive housekeeper.
11. Report to the engineering department, using
a Maintenance Work Request Form, any
defect or equipment failure that cannot be corrected
by the housekeeping department.
12. Throughout the day, periodically telephone the
housekeeping office to advise it of all ready
rooms and to receive checkout rooms.
13. Inspect linen rooms and storerooms in assigned
areas for cleanliness and for adequate supplies
used by the GRAs. Be sure linen rooms
are secured and locked when not in use.
14. At 3:00 p.m. the evening room checks will
be collected from the GRAs. Room checks
on any open section (pickups) will be taken
by the section supervisor. The room check
reports will be delivered to the housekeeping
office promptly in order to make up
the housekeeping report for the front desk.
Any room not serviced that day, refused
service, or requesting late service by the
night staff will be reported to the night
15. Report persistent complaints or remarks by the
employees about working conditions, wages, or
any other matter to the housekeeping manager.
16. Periodically report to the housekeeping manager
on the quality of the performance of
each person she or he (the senior housekeeper)
supervises, offering remarks about
which employees are performing above average,
average, or below average.
17. Complete any special assignments as directed
by the executive housekeeper promptly.
18. At 4:30 p.m. turn in the keys and clock out.

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Original ByabujubbehAt2010-12-25 02:40:31Released
what is mean by GRAs

O, come on, "GRA" is Guest Relation Agent.
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what is mean by GRAs
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its so good
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