Executive Housekeeper-Position Descriptions for the Housekeeping Department

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Basic Function
Assumes complete direction, operational control, and
supervision of the housekeeping and laundry departments
and pool areas.
Operates the departments under his or her control
in the most efficient manner possible through effective
application and enforcement of company policies,
the use of methods described in standard operating
procedures, and the use of sound management principles.
The incumbent is primarily responsible for the
cleanliness of guestrooms and public areas assigned to
the housekeeping department. Accomplishes assigned
tasks through proper training, motivation, and supervision
of all personnel assigned to the housekeeping
and laundry departments.
Specific Responsibilities
1. Coordinates with the personnel department
regarding prescreening of employees, indicating
staffing needs and qualifications desired of personnel
necessary to staff the housekeeping and
laundry departments. Coordinates with resident
manager on hiring of immediate subordinates.
2. Develops plans, actions, and standard operating
procedures for the operation and
administration of assigned departments.
Establishes and maintains housekeeping
and laundry scheduling procedures, taking
into consideration percent occupancy,
time and use of facilities, and related public
specialty areas and events.
3. Organizes, the housekeeping department using
the housekeeping team concept, with each
housekeeper cleaning room sections.
4. Develops an inspection program for all
public areas and guestrooms to ensure
that proper maintenance and standards
are achieved and sustained.
5. Coordinates the operation of the housekeeping
and laundry departments in the
hotel to guarantee minimum disruption in
the overall operation of the hotel.
6. With assistance from the resident manager,
develops budgets for housekeeping,
laundry, and recreation departments to
ensure that each operates within established
costs while providing maximum
7. Establishes a training program within
assigned departments that will enable positions
of increased responsibility to be filled
from within the department.
8. Is constantly alert for newer methods,
techniques, equipment, and materials that
will improve the overall operation of the
departments and will provide a more efficient
operation at reduced costs.
9. Stimulates within all employees a friendly
and cheerful attitude, giving proper
emphasis to courtesy in contacts with
guests and other employees.
10. Administers time card control over all
assigned hourly employees.
11. Maintains strict inventory and purchase control
over all controllable items.
12. Develops job descriptions for all members
of assigned staff.
13. Serves as expediter on special projects
assigned by the resident manager or
the general manager.
14. Communicates freely and effectively with
assigned personnel, continuously passing
on to assistants and subordinates any
information necessary to make them feel
included in the overall operation of the
hotel. Reiterates, if necessary, the objectives
toward which hotel employees are
15. Conducts employee performance appraisals
on time, showing objectivity and sincerity.
Employees should be personally counseled
toward improvement.
16. Coordinates with the resident manager concerning
the termination of any employee.
17. Maintains control of linen rooms, storerooms,
new linen, and cleaning supplies, ensuring
adequate security and supply.
18. Is responsible for the proper scheduling
of the department, keeping in mind the
forecast of daily occupancy.
19. Develops a personal plan to carry
out responsibilities.
Relationships to Responsibility
1. Reports directly to the resident manager.
2. Has access to the general manager.
3. Coordinates functions of housekeeping,
laundry, and recreation departments
with all other departments.
4. Supervises and coordinates the activities
of assigned assistants.
Work Emphasis
Time allocation for performance of position responsibilities:
50 percent administrative
30 percent operations, inspections, and training
20 percent coordination and follow-up

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