Ethical Dilemmas in Purchasing

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Molly Galloway, executive housekeeper at the
Seacoast Pines Resort & Convention Center,
made a change in her chemical inventory this
past year. She switched to Viroban, a disinfectant
cleaner that is proven to eliminate most of
the harmful bacteria and viruses in guestrooms.
It is EPA registered and its material safety data
sheet reads like a baby’s formula, not a disinfectant
cleaner. It is also biodegradable and 20
percent less expensive than her prior guestroom
disinfectant cleaner. On top of everything else,
the guestroom attendants love the product.
One Saturday, just before the winter holidays,
Molly’s doorbell rings. It is UPS with a big, big
package for her. Excitedly, she opens it to find
a 42’’ LCD television and a note from the manufacturer
of Viroban thanking her for her business
over the past year. ‘‘Wow, now I get to see
the Pasadena Rose Parade on New Year’s as if I
was there in person,’’ thinks Molly. ‘‘Considering
Viroban is clearly the best product and I’m saving
the company money, what would it hurt if I quietly
accept this television?’’

How would you respond to Molly? Is this a
‘‘win-win’’ situation for her and the hotel? Is there
a downside? Discuss with your fellow students and
instructor what Molly should do.

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Quote Delete cori   /   2013-05-13 19:49:53
My 1st idea would be honest with my boss and let them decide what to do.  They are the ones who actually paid for the product itself.  That way there wouldn't be any feelings of guilt.


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