Casino Management - Multiple Transaction Log (MTL)

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The Multiple Transaction Log (MTL) was established to keep track of individual
transactions exceeding $3,000 that, in total, may exceed $10,000
during a 24-hour period. These logs are required in all departments responsible
for the preparation of Currency Transaction Reports. Any type
of transactions exceeding $3,000 require entry in the MTL.
The MTL (Fig. 3) contains:
Figure 5.3 Multiple Transaction Log (MTL)

1. A description and, if known, the name of the patron
2. The table number, if the transaction occurred in the pit
3. The time, date, type, and amount
4. Signature of the casino or cage personnel recording the entry
These logs are maintained for a 24-hour period, with a predetermined
cutoff time that is selected by the individual casino. After the
end of the 24-hour period, the MTLs for each gaming area and the
casino cage are turned in to the accounting department for review and
storage. Every 24 hours, each department initiates a new MTL, and it is
the responsibility of supervisory employees in the individual departments
to review the MTLs for their respective departments throughout
the shift to ensure that compliance is maintained with the aggregation
In general, Regulation 6A requires that only like-kind transactions are
aggregated for purposes of preparing a CTRC-N. This means that only
transactions of the same type, such as chip purchases, are aggregated together.
The casino would not aggregate a chip purchase with a front
money deposit or a marker payment.
The exception to this rule occurs when a “single visit” occurs. The
Regulation defines a single visit as one “continuous appearance at a given
location uninterrupted by a patron’s physical absence from that given location
during a designated twenty-four-hour period.” Under what is
known as the single visit rule, the casino must aggregate all cash transactions
conducted by a patron, going in the same direction (all cash-ins
with other cash-ins, but not with cash-out transactions), while continuously
at a single location. An example of this is a situation in which a patron
purchases $4,000 chips at the blackjack table with cash, then purchases
another $4,000 in chips with cash, and subsequently places a
$4,000 losing cash wager. If the transactions were all conducted at the
same table during the same 24-hour period, without the patron leaving
the table, then a CTRC-N would be required for $12,000 for the aggregated
dissimilar transactions.
Under normal circumstances when the single visit rule is not in effect,
a CTRC-N would not be required for the transactions described in the example.
Instead, a log entry on the MTL would be required for each of the
transactions and the $10,000 threshold would not have been exceeded for
the same-type transactions that would have been aggregated (i.e., $8,000
of chip purchases). The single visit rule basically represents the application
of Title 31 rules that would be followed in casinos outside Nevada for
aggregation of cash transactions.


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