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Once upon a time, farmers and others made spirits as a hobby. Many of the liqueurs
shown in these pages originated that way. A peach farmer took some of his tastiest
peaches, squeezed out the juice, and mixed it in with the local whiskey. Then
he aged it a little and put it in a bottle — voila, as they say in France — peach liqueur.
There’s a gentleman by the name of James A. Duke, PhD, who has four books
published on the subject of turning regular garden herbs into tasty liqueurs and
healthful teas. Dr. Duke was a specialist in medicinal plants for the U.S. Department
of Agriculture Research Center for many years until his retirement.
His books mention that using homegrown materials to make liqueurs may or may
not help your health, but they can help your mood. The books, several of which are
available through Amazon.com, include Living Liqueurs, The Green Pharmacy,
Herbs of the Bible, Dr. Duke’s Essential Herbs, and The Handbook of Medicinal
The living ingredients in Living Liqueurs are identified by handsome pen and ink
illustrations. The book gives a complete history of every one of more than 175
ingredients suitable for use in making your own liqueurs.

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