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I was working as the front-office manager in a medium-sized hotel that was part of a large, national chain. The hotel was too small for a human resources department, and when I arrived at work one morning after having a couple of days off, the general manager told me he had fired Tom, one of my best bellmen. He said that he had sent Tom into a banquet room to vacuum the floors after a function, and when he checked his work, he found debris left on the floor, so he fired him on the spot. I was shocked. Tom was a super nice guy, very polite, and very diligent. He always completed his work on time and up to standards. I knew that this GM had it in for Tom for some reason and was just looking for a way to get rid of him. The worst part was that Tom filed for unemployment, and the GM made me go to the unemployment office hearing to dispute Tom’s claim. There were no write-ups, no past instances of improper behavior—nothing. I was embarrassed to even be there, since I truly felt Tom deserved to collect the unemployment check. Needless to say, Tom won his unemployment dispute with our hotel and was awarded full benefits. What a waste!

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That's a smart way of looinkg at the world.


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