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Okay, we know free time in the bar business
doesn’t happen, but some tasks associated with
opening a new bar can really be done earlier or
later in the process, depending on when you
have time. It’s simply a matter of choice.
Consider getting some of these out of the way
early in your timeline. Your to-do list can quickly
become unmanageable if you leave them all
until the last couple of months.
  Set up your training schedule. Rough out
how many days you plan to have employees
in the restaurant and what they might do on
those days. Because you’re setting up a bar
rather than a restaurant, your staff probably
doesn’t need as much training as they otherwise
might. Usually a week total is more
than enough.
  Establish your procedures for handling
cash, ordering, requisition, and receiving.
  Set up your credit card agreements.
  Figure out how you’re going to get your
money into your account. Are you going to
schedule an armored-car pickup or deposit
it yourself every day?
  Develop any reports and forms you’ll use.
Take a look at Chapter 15 for help in figuring
out which numbers to watch and why.
  Research your music program. Take a look
at Chapter 6 for help in deciding which
musical choices best fit your bar.
  Interview pest control companies. They’re
one of those unmentionable necessities.
  Investigate phone companies and phone
  Research printers for letterhead, advertising
or promotional materials, matches, napkins,
and anything else you’d like to print
with your logo.
  Develop your employee manual. One of those
must-dos that can mostly get done early.
  Write job descriptions and establish pay
rates for job classes.
  Develop your payroll processes. Decide
whether you’re doing it yourself or hiring an
outside service.




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