Making sense of the never-ending stream of “new” liquors

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What this world needs is another vodka. New
products seem to come out every week. We
used to say, “If something falls off a tree, they’ll
make it a flavored vodka or schnapps.”
Liquor companies are always doing research and
testing new flavors and products. Sometimes they
reintroduce old products with new labeling and
bottles. The bar business is an ever-changing
industry, and that’s what makes it interesting
and challenging. Because there will always be
new products, hot new food items, and innovative
cocktails, you will never be bored in the bar
But every time a new product is introduced, the
liquor companies want placement. You can use
this to your advantage by holding an introduction
party at your place. The liquor companies
will give you T-shirts, key chains, stickers, and
other promotional items for your customers.
Everyone likes something for free, and a new product
launch is a great way to get people in
the door. The more new products, the better for
your place. Work with your sales representative
and let him know you’re interested in promotional
nights and tastings for his products.

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