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Bumper Tube Company is a family-owned-and-operated company that's been manufacturing and selling coin-operated pool tables, shuffleboards, parts, and supplies nationally since 1974. WE SPECIALIZE IN COIN OPERATED TABLES. Focusing exclusively on the coin-op table market our staff has the knowledge and expertise that comes with specialization. Our printed catalogs have been a dependable resource for table owners for 34 years. We provide everything you need to own and maintain a coin-op table. Our reputation of making the coin-op experience painless is legendary. The coin operated pool table and shuffleboard business is just that, a business. We take it very seriously and have dedicated ourselves to providing our customers the best products and service available.

We'll help you make the correct buying decision. Whether it's purchasing your first coin-operated table(s) or if you have been at it awhile, we're here help you maintain your table(s) and keep themearning at their full potential. Given the opportunity I'm confidant that we can satisfy all of your pool table and/or shuffleboard needs

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