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* STERN PINBALL, INC. is the only manufacturer of coin-op pinball machines on the planet Earth today.
* Data East Pinball was incorporated in November of 1986. Sega bought Data East Pinball in 1994. STERN bought Sega Pinball in 1999. Gary Stern has been the President of the company throughout.
* The STERN factory is housed in a single 40,000 sq. foot building in Melrose Park, IL.
* Typical design time for a game is 1 year.
* A typical design team consists of a game designer, software engineers, mechanical engineers, bill of materials personnel, artists, a sound engineer, a dot matrix display artist, and other complimentary staff.
* STERN engineers use 3-D modeling to create many of the parts for a game.
* STERN makes roughly 3 new models a year, with production supplemented by previously made models.
* Employee core staff is 56 people, augmented by agency help on the factory floor.
* STERN currently makes up to 55 games a day.
* STERN pinball machines offer speech, dot matrix, manuals, and instruction cards in English, Spanish, French, Italian, and German.
* Spanish speech is also available is the U.S., and French speech in Canada.
* There is an average of 15 songs in a pinball machine.
* There are about 3500 parts in a pinball machine.
* There are about 1200 screws, nuts, and washers in a game.
* There are approx. 115 lights in a game.
* There can be up to 72 switches in a game.
* There can be up to 24 coils and 8 flash lamps in a game.
* There is about 1/2 mile of wire in a pinball machine.
* There are approx. 100 connectors in a game.
* There are approx. 357 tie wraps in a game.
* There are approx. 88 terminals in a game.
* There are about 33 assemblies in the game (e.g. flippers, slingshots, bumpers, etc.)

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