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Hand Washer Job Description - Laundry Department Manual

1. Organization Chart
2. Working Hours and Vacation Plan
3. Job Description Outlines
Laundry Manager
Guest Contact Coordinator
Valet Attendant
Dry Cleaning Operator
Hand Washer
Machine Washer
Valet Presser
Uniform Finisher
Flat Worker
4. Operating Procedures for Guest Laundry Services
Pick up Guests' calls
Express Service
5. Operating Procedures for Washing
F&B Linen
Room Linen
Spring Cleaning
6. Operating Procedures for Dry Cleaning
Guest Clothing
Staff Uniforms
Spring Cleaning
7. Operating Procedures for Hand Ironing and Pressing
Guest Clothing
Staff Uniforms
8. Operating Procedures for Flatwork Ironing
F&B Linen
Rooms Linen
9. Equipment
10. Chemicals
Laundry Supply Items
Dry Cleaning Supply Items
11. Special Procedures
File Procedure
Guest Laundry Hold
Lost & Found

Hand Washer
  • Responsible for cleaning the guest clothing, staff uniforms and other articles.
  • Ensures appropriate separation and selection of the program and chemicals.
  • Makes sure that guest clothing are being processed in a proper way, whether hand or machine washed.



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