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Human Resources Director - Travel and Hospitality Career Opportunities

Duties: Oversees employee relations functions for a hotel including staffing, recruiting, benefits and compensation, and policies and procedures    

Alternate Title(s): Human Resources Manager; Director of Human Resources; Director of Staffing; Recruitment Manager; Employment Manager; Personnel Director; Training and Development Director    

Salary Range: $50,000 to $145,000    

Employment Prospects: Excellent    

Advancement Prospects: Good    

Best Geographical Location(s): All, especially major cities and tourist locations with an abundance of hotels and resorts    

Education and Training—Minimum of a bachelor’s degree; master’s degree in human resources administration or business may be preferred at larger properties   
Experience—Prior human resources and supervisory experience, usually between five and 10 years    
Special Skills and Personality Traits—Superior interpersonal skills; good verbal and written communication; enthusiasm and professionalism; strong organization and attention to detail; knowledge of federal and state employment regulations    
Special Requirements—Voluntary certification is available through several organizations  

Vice President of Human Resources   
Human Resources Director   
Human Resources Assistant, Associate, or Coordinator

Position Description
Human Resources Directors manage the “people” concerns for their organizations as the first line of contact for all personnel issues. Their responsibilities range from hiring, firing, and interviewing to mediating problems, administering benefits, and coordinating training. As advocates for their employees, Human Resources Directors work to ensure that their hotels are staffed well and that workers are happy and successful.    
There are a number of different aspects of human resources, and Human Resources Directors may be generalists or specialists. The basic human resources functions are as follows:
- hiring, including writing and posting job descriptions, interviewing candidates, and generating job offers; terminations are oft en handled by human resources as well



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