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Lost and Found Procedures


To provide a guideline of procedures for all security staff in investigation of incident involving guest's lost articles.

Operational  Procedures

Whenever a guest reports the loss of any personal articles, the Security Department must be notified at once to carry out a formal investigation and provide a thorough report:

1.        Security in charge of the shift should be notified immediately.

2.        Security in charge should notify the Assistant Manager on duty.

3.        If incident involves a guest room, the Floor Supervisor must be notified also.

4.        Confirm the exact location of the incident / room number.

5.        Compile all relevant information regarding the guest and that incident by completing the SECURITY DEPARTMENT INVESTIGATION REPORT.

6.        Enquire from the guest whether he / she desires to file a police report.  If so, to assist guest in contacting the police.

7.        With the Assistant Manager, proceed to the location of the incident to carry out investigation.

8.        If guest room is involved, the Assistant Manager and Floor Supervisor should proceed to the room for investigation.  Ascertain if there is damage to the door lock and any signs of forcible entry.

9.        With the permission of the guest, a search to the room as well as the luggage should be carried out.

10.    A search to the pantry service and vicinity area should be carried out.

11.    Complete the investigation report in full.

12.    Identify the service staff of the guest room involved and in the presence of the Floor Supervisor, Assistant Manager, or Human Resources Department and search the locker of the relevant employee.

Operational  Procedures (cont’d)

13.    Take a statement from the relevant staff.

I.          To the best knowledge of the staff, a description of the incident.

II.        Was the staff involved in the incident.

III.     Was the staff away from the hotel at any time with or without permission to contact friends / relatives during their shift.

IV.     When was the last time the staff was in the room.  When did he enter and when did he leave.

V.       Enquire from the staff if he / she has suppressed any information or reluctant to render assistance in the investigation.

VI.     Observe action and reaction of the staff during questioning.

14.    All questioning of the staff should be done in the Security Office in order to maintain confidentiality.

15.    Check on the past record if any of the staff involved.

16.    Security in charge should finalize the report and submit to the Security Manager within his shift.

17.    It should NOT be assured the employee is "GUILTY", any investigation must be carried out in a fair and even mannered way.  If the employee requires a colleague / department supervisor to be present this should be arranged.

Procedures for the Security Manager

1.        Review the full report and all statements of the respective case.

2.        Report to General Manager / Manager to evaluate the case.

3.        Provide the facts and recommendation to the General Manager / Manager regarding the case, the guest and staff involved.

4.        File all documentation for future reference.


1.        All items found in guest rooms, public areas, F&B outlets should be forwarded to the Housekeeping Office for proper handling and custody as soon as possible.  Under no circumstance should found items be kept with outlets or any other departments.

2.        If for some reasons the found item(s) cannot be brought to the Housekeeping Department Office, the Housekeeping Co-ordinator should be informed by telephone immediately. (in case the guest call for enquiry)

3.        All Lost and Found items must be recorded appropriately and witnessed by Executive Housekeeper, Assistant Executive Housekeeper or Assistant Housekeeper.

4.        All items will be stored in Lost and Found room under lock and key immediately on being handed over to the Housekeeping Co-ordinator.

5.        For valuable or identifiable items i.e. cash, watches, jewellery, passport, driving licence, identity cards and credit cards etc.  The Housekeeping Co-ordinator will inform the Front Office Assistant Manager and Security Department duty shift in-charge immediately and the Assistant Manager and Security Shift I/C should proceed to Housekeeping Department Office to check the items to see whether any method to contact the guest.  If so, the Assistant Manager is to contact the guest and arrange the property claiming.

6.        The items will be kept inside the Executive Housekeeper safe provided the code of which only known by the Executive Housekeeper, Assistant Executive Housekeeper and Assistant Housekeeper.

7.        For items found in the Hotel back of house areas, i.e. staff locker rooms, offices and Ho Mei, the Housekeeping Co-ordinator should inform Human Resources Department and a notice to be posted on the notice board by Human Resources Department for staff to claim their lost item from Housekeeping Department.


Lost & Found Standard Items:

1.        All articles left behind by guest in ISL are to be considered as "Lost & Found" (even if a tooth brush, reading material etc).

2.        Finder will bring the item to Housekeeping Department as soon as possible.

3.        Finder will fill in a Lost and Found slip describing in full:

Þ    Slip record number (follow last number entered in log e.g. 031/2/91 indicating record number/month/year).

Þ    Date found

Þ    Location found

Þ    Guest's name - if found in room

Þ    Name of finder

Þ    Description of article

Þ    Location where article(s) is / are stored

4.        Housekeeping Coordinator will record in Lost and Found log book the following information:

Þ    Serial no.

Þ    Date found

Þ    Finder's name

Þ    Description of item

Þ    Location found

Þ    Storage code (shelf no.)

Þ    Guest's name (if item is found in room)

5.      Item will be handed in to Executive Housekeeper / Assistant Housekeeper for safe keeping.


6.      This L & F log is at all times to be kept with Housekeeping Department.

7.      Items will be sent to Lost & Found room for safe keeping by Housekeeping coordinator.

8.      Lost and Found room key is to be issued only to Housekeeping Coordinator by Executive Housekeeper / Assistant Housekeeper.

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