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Destination Management Executive - Travel and Hospitality Career Opportunities

Duties: Owns and operates a destination management business that coordinates meetings and events for businesses and associations coming to a particular location    

Alternate Title(s): Destination Manager; Destination Management Company Owner; Chief Executive Officer; Vice President    

Salary Range: $40,000 to $100,000 and up    

Employment Prospects: Fair    

Advancement Prospects: Fair    

Best Geographical Location(s): Major cities; popular tourist or convention locations; resort areas; or areas with many attractions, such as California wine country.    

Education and Training—No specific requirements, but most Destination Management Executives hold bachelor’s degrees in fields such as travel, tourism, hospitality management, sales/marketing, and business    
Experience—Several years of experience in the travel industry, including work in tour operations or work for a supplier (hotel, airline, etc.)   
Special Skills and Personality Traits—Excellent management skills; strong written and verbal communication skills; good interpersonal skills; attention to detail and organization; sales and negotiation ability as well as knowledge of budgets, finance, and accounting

Destination Management Executive at a larger company, Owner, or CEO   
Destination Management Executive   
Sales Manager or other position in the travel or hospitality industry, including Event Planner, Travel Agent, Tour Operator, or work for a supplier

Position Description
Each year, companies and associations determine where they are going to host their annual conferences, meetings, conventions, and other programs. As they explore destinations, they need to look at hotels, entertainment, attractions, and other factors to decide if each location meets their needs. Destination management companies provide local resources to these companies and organizations looking to host their programs. Destination Management Executives run these companies, designed to be one-stop shopping for conference planning services.    



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