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Housekeeping Operational Planning

The extent to which housekeeping department managers
choose to document procedures for reference,
standardization, and use in training is a matter of personal
preference and, in most cases, company policy.
Most companies requiring the promulgation of SOPs
are usually quick to emphasize that such SOPs are
to be used primarily as guidelines for operations and
should not stifle initiative in the investigation of ways
andmeans to improve operations. Many hotels are quick
to reward employees who find better ways of performing
tasks; some even offer incentive awards for improvement
of procedures. The SOPs may very well become the
framework for operations and, simultaneously, the tool
whereby controlled change may take place.
In this article we saw how preparation for opening
the new hotel moves into the operational planning
phase. Although the hotel is not yet in operation, preliminary
techniques for routines, delegation, and control
have been constructed, as were other systems involving
concept development, organizing, staffing, and material
planning. Although direction of operations has not
yet begun, preparation for the routine communication
of daily activities must be conceptually developed and
One of the first routines by which daily activities are
directed—opening the house—has been developed in
detail, as have the necessary forms by which this direction
is communicated. In addition, a system of standard operating
procedures has been presented, with examples, by
which the opening the house and other routines may be
standardized. Topics for the SOP approach are listed,
but are only the beginning of such a list.
Standard operating procedures
Opening the house
Working and control documents
Open sections
18-room workload
Pickup rooms
Night Clerk’s Report to
Check out
Ready rooms (R)
Out of order
Supervisor’s Daily Work Report
GRA’s Daily Report
p.m. Report

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