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Reservation Department



The Reservations Department is usually the first point of contact between perspective clients and the Hotel, thus the responsibility for creating the all important falls to all Reservations personnel.


The telephone skills and sales ability of Reservations personnel therefore play a vital role in forming positive perceptions of the Hotel and company amongst potential clients as well as reinforcing Hotel’s high standards and existing clients.


Primary Function


The Reservations Department is to accept and process all reservations and requests, control room and rate availability, operate and update the guest history and maximize room sales through effective use of rate controls, upselling and yield management (once available on the property management system).

The Reservations Department is also a sales department in its own right, selling hotel rooms and services.


Mission and Goal


The Reservations Department is to promptly handle all telephone reservation requests and esquires and to efficiently  and accurately process all reservations, in accordance with the established standards and procedures, ensuring customer satisfaction and maximum revenues for the Hotel.  In addition, the Reservations Department must maintain a good working relationship with other departments within the Hotel and provide same with occupancy forecasts, reports and statistical data.


System                                      FIDELIO


Advance Deposit                        Advise guest that an advance deposit will be required if guest wish to settle the account by cash.



Advise company secretary to fax over the billing letter if she wish to have charges to be born by the company.



Advise Travel Agent of Tour Groups, if Travel Agent is paying for the said charges incurred by group.



Confirmation                              Informed caller that reservation is confirmed on the date booked but our cut-off time will be 6pm.



Overbooking                              If forecasted an overbooking situation, the Reservation Manager will have to assign a staff to contact all the arrivals for that day, one day. In advance, to reconfirm their time of arrivals.



Also to get guest/secretary to fax the hotel to guarantee the reservation with the hotel



Front Office Manager have to be around to ensure that situation is under control.



Individual Business                           Corporate guest FITs or “ Walk ins”



Group Business                          Corporate clients who reserved more than 5 rooms.



                                                 Series booking with Tour Agents.



                                    Convention  booking.


Discounts                                  No discounts are allowed without the approval of the following person:


Front Office Manager

Assistant Manager





Credit                                        Credit facilities have to refer to Credit Manager if company or guest do not have an existing credit facilities account with us.


VIP services/amenities               All guest who takes a suite rooms will automatically have VIP services and Amenities.


If guest were given VIP treatment, it have to have the approval by the:






Guest History                            It records the number of visits, total of room nights and guest personal particulars that have stayed with the hotel.


Staffing                                     Reservation Manager





Job Function                              Making reservation for rooms


 Re-confirming reservation for rooms, packages


                                      Ensure that all bookings are keyed in to the system and followed up.

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