Hong Kong Hotels Association

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The Hong Kong Hotels Association (HKHA) was founded on August 1, 1961 to oversee development of the hotel industry in Hong Kong; to promote and protect the lawful interests of hoteliers; to act as a collective voice for the hotel management; and to encourage unity and friendly relationships between members.

Founded by seven members, the Association today has one hundred and four member hotels and, while it still adheres to the basic objectives set so many years ago, it now plays a much wider and more positive role in the promotion and development of the hotel industry and tourism.

The Association is recognised as a voice for the hotel industry and, as such, is represented on a diverse range of government, quasi-government and commercial organizations connected with travel and tourism.

At all times, the Association adopts a positive role and plays an active part in promoting and supporting activities that will enhance the image and efficiency ethical of the hotel industry.

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