Heads in Beds: Hospitality and Tourism Marketing

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Heads in Beds: Hospitality and Tourism Marketing
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Product Description
An excellent supplemental text for courses in Hospitality Management, Travel and Tourism Marketing, Travel Promotion and Sales, and Destination Marketing. This factual, how-to book for hospitality and tourism students addresses the issues from a practitioner's point-of-view, providing a realistic and comprehensive look at what their jobs and responsibilities will be. Focusing on the practical side of managing hospitality, travel and tourism marketing, this text includes several topics not covered anywhere else--marketing to travel agents, COOP marketing with wholesalers, and loyalty marketing. It provides readers with solid advice and strong direction.

From the Back Cover

In Heads in Beds: Hospitality and Tourism Marketing, author No Raza teaches the reader how to build brands, generate sales and grow profits through marketing. Written for students as well as practitioners, this book is based on eight principles that the author teaches and brings to life:

    * Branding: generate sales through strong brands
    * Knowledge: the more you know, the more you'll grow
    * Results: long-term strategies solve short term needs
    * Big Picture: it's not about style. versus substance, it's about substance armed with style
    * Creative Budgeting: outthink versus outspend
    * Happiness: enjoy what you're doing
    * Dare To: be different!
    * Success: compete with yourself for your own excellence

Heads in Beds: Hospitality and Tourism Marketing contains extensive discussions and practical information about the marketing job, markets and products, marketing budgets, branding, advertising, creation of brochures and collateral materials, promotions and public relations, Internet marketing, and several key topics not found in other resources such as:

    * Marketing to Travel Agents
    * COOP Marketing with Wholesalers
    * Loyalty Marketing

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