What would you do if you were Eun-Young’s manager?

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Eun-Young was a catering supervisor who usually worked out of her home office. She communicated with her manager’s office by telephone, fax, and modem, all of which were installed in her home by Advance Technology, a company that her manager selected to supply equipment and services.

When Eun-Young’s modem stopped working one day, she contacted her manager’s office which, in turn, called Advance Technology, requesting that a service technician be dispatched. The technician arrived, but in the course of his visit, assaulted Eun-Young. The technician was apprehended by the police and convicted of felony assault (his third such conviction in three years).

Eun-Young sued Advance Technology, claiming negligent hiring. In addition, her
attorney advised her manager that she was injured on the job and would be making
a workers’ compensation claim.

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As more hospitality professionals work from their homes, the issue presented here will
grow in frequency and in complexity. Your attorney can advise you about the current
situation. The lesson is that vendors who have access to employee homes, and the employers
themselves, will likely be held responsible for damage suffered by at-home
workers. Workers can be injured at home as well as at more traditional work
sites. Worker’s compensation laws may protect you in some cases, depending on the
Select your telecommunications and other vendors with care. Be especially careful
if they will enter your employee’s home.


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