What would you do in this injury case?

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Assume that your restaurant has had two customer assaults in the parking lot in the last three months. You consider installing a closed-circuit video camera (CCVC) system and/or increasing the lighting levels for the lot. You decide to install six cameras that do not record but permit security personnel to “see” all areas of the lot from a central viewing area.

One night after dark, Authella is assaulted in the parking lot while leaving the
restaurant. She sues, claiming that the failure to monitor the cameras was a direct cause of her assault. She also states that the cameras’ use was deceptive; they gave her a false sense of security because, she says, “The cameras showed that the restaurant cared about my security.”

According to time sheets provided under subpoena, an employee was assigned to view the cameras in their central location for an average of two hours per night between the hours of 8:00 P.M. and 10:00 P.M. The assault occurred when there was no employee monitoring the cameras.
(SUBPOENA - A courtauthorized order to appear in person at a designated
time and location or to produce evidence demanded by the court.
DEEP POCKETS - A term used to describe a defendant perceived to be wealthy.)

Your attorney states that the property did what could be reasonably expected, and the restaurant should not be held responsible for Authella’s injuries.

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This scenario raises all of the dilemmas involved in CCVC systems. It has been agreed
that they give guests a sense of security, so they let their guard down. Even if they are
monitored, is it reasonable to think that a security guard who witnesses an assault taking
place will be able to intervene in time to stop the attack? Accordingly, most operators
have chosen not to utilize a CCVC system as a tool for guest safety, but as a tool
for internal security enforcement.


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