As District Manager, what would you do?

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Suppose you are the District Manager for a franchise restaurant chain. One night just after closing, three masked persons entered through the unlocked back kitchen door.

They demanded that the manager turn over the cash, but the manager explained that all cash was deposited in a safe that he could not open. The gunmen shot the manager, who died from his wounds. The murder made that night’s local television news.

A lawsuit filed by the manager’s wife charges that the restaurant lacked proper
alarms and locks on the back door, and that the owners and franchisor failed to provide training about the proper response to an armed robbery. The lawsuit is reported on the front page of the local paper.

An investigative reporter calls to request an on-air interview about employee training.

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Tragic events happen; this one is as bad as it gets. Your immediate role is to professionally
represent your company and business to the community. Look to your own supervisor
for instruction about required actions. Don’t avoid the press; they will not go
away. Be prepared and demonstrate your genuine concern for those involved in this
crisis. Don’t forget the support your unit’s employees will need during this difficult
It is also a good idea to review the policies that were in place so that appropriate
training can occur. For instance, it is difficult to know in this situation whether or
not the manager would have survived had he given them the money. Most experts
agree that being able to respond to a robber’s demand for money is the best policy.


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