What would you say to the bartender?

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Mark entered a restaurant’s bar, sat down, and, according to eyewitnesses, uttered
just a single word to the bartender: “Draft.” Because the bartender had only one brand of beer on draft, she pulled the beer, handed it to Mark, and accepted the five-dollar bill offered in payment. Mark left the bar 15 minutes later without having said a word to anyone and left the change from his five-dollar bill on the bar.

Subsequently, Mark was involved in an auto accident in which a ten-year-old
boy was injured. The boy’s parents are suing the restaurant and a bar where Mark
had consumed ten beers in three hours before driving to the restaurant. The bartender wants to know whether she will be held liable and asks you, the restaurant manager.

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Food and beverage operators have an obligation to serve alcohol responsibly. A legal
standard that has been established in almost every state is to not serve a person who
is obviously intoxicated. In this particular set of circumstances, it would be very difficult
for the restaurant to be held responsible, given the fact that Mark failed to display
any outward signs of intoxication and/or that his consumption was not unusual.
Obviously, there will be a different situation for the prior place of service.
The bartender in this case may be sued but will probably be dismissed from the
case prior to its going to trial.


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