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Ignach hosts ten guests at a restaurant. Unfortunately, the service, in his opinion, is

When the check arrives, he notices that a 15 percent charge has been added to
the total price of the food and drinks the group consumed. When he inquires about
the charge, his server informs him it is policy to assess a 15 percent “tip” to the bill of all parties larger than eight persons. The policy, says the server, is not printed on the menu, but is to be orally explained to customers making a reservation for more than eight people. Ignach’s reservation was made by his secretary, and she mentioned no such policy to him.

Ignach refuses to pay the extra charge, claiming he, not the restaurant, should
determine the amount, if any, of gratuity. The manager explains that the server has
misspoken: The extra charge is a “service charge,” not a tip, but Ignach still refuses to pay the added charge.

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You can’t ask the police to help you collect your money; they won’t. You may also have
difficulty calming the customer, because the service was not good. Although a tip is
voluntary, a service charge is not. You must decide between the poor “goodwill” you
will incur and the money you are owed. It may be best to waive the charge this time.
In the future, make sure that every customer knows, ahead of time, what the charges
will be. (Consider stating the charge on the menu.) If you do, your ability to enforce
the service charge, even if the customer alleges poor service, is enhanced.


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