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Human resource planning, records and statistics

In most of the larger well-organized undertakings, the personnel department also
have to authorize the salary or wage to be paid in order to ensure that anomalies are
not allowed to creep in.
Engagement form
This form should be completed when a new employee joins an employer. The purpose
is to inform all the relevant departments so that appropriate action is initiated.
These departments may include
• wages
• training
• pensions
• insurance
• personnel records.
The information contained on the form varies according to the system being used;
for example, some employers may be able to use one engagement form for all
departments and all levels of staff whereas other employers may need to use different
forms for each. It is of prime importance, however, to ensure that the employee
is paid and insured. Consequently information should include name, staff number,
address, department, date of starting, rate of pay and bank address. Figure 17.5
shows one typical example.
Termination form
This form is necessary in order to fulfil several purposes:
1 To initiate documentation and administration procedures such as preparation of
the P45 and the final wages payment.
2 To provide statistical information regarding labour turnover.
3 To provide information for reference or re-employment purposes.

Figure 17.5 Example of an engagement form     (1)
Source: Reproduced by courtesy of Choice Hotels.



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