VIP Guest Handling - Marketing and Sales Training

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Task  VIP Guest Handling

Code OH-SM-RM-D103

Objectives: At the end of this session, each trainee will be able to provide guideline

                     and empower sales associate to extend VIP set up at customer contact

                     point under necessary circumstances.

StandardAll sales associates are empowered to extend VIP set up to qualified

                    VIP guest. VIP set up can be offered on VIP set up categories. Special

                    requests will be approved by GM or Hotel Manager. Before the VIP

                    guest arrival, the sales associate will brief every department, double check

                    with Guest Service Manager. The sales associate will meet  and greet the top

                    level VIP guest with Director of Sales & Marketing or management member on  arrival. The sales associate will make personal or telephone contact with the

                    VIP guest during the guest stay. The sales associate will see the VIP guest off

                    upon departure.

Resources LCD, Flip Chart, OHP


Training Steps


Ice break


Prepared on Flipchart











Lecture Contents





Role Play


















This training about the VIP guest handling. Who know what is VIP guest?

all answers will be written on the whiteboard, then showing the right answer ( be written in the flipchart 1)

Qualified VIP guest include:  

Ø       State head  

Ø       Government official  

Ø       Travel agency key person  

Ø       Senior corporate guest  

W.I.F.M: ( Objectives)

Can extend VIP set up at customer contact point under necessary circumstances.

Ø       Show VIP guest handling procedures on prepared flipchart 2 explain reason for each step

Ø       Ask trainees to comment and question on each step.

Divided trainees in two group to do role play:

VIP guest handling

Separate two team: One is VIP guest

                                One is the sales associate

( Case example: A VIP guest will arrival on 14:00 pm, he is from HP company as a Executive Manager with Great China, his secretary booked a deluxe suite for him and all charge will pay for his company, this time he will has a meeting with Shenyang Mayor on second day, also have two assistant taking care of him. He isn’t a member of SPG, but his assistant are member of this program. you are a sales manager what need you prepare and how do you handle this case?)

First from trainees and then trainer.

Review all key points

Homework: if two or three VIP guests arrival on same time, how do we handle?

Handouts: S&P about VIP guest handling.

2 minutes


10 minutes








20 minutes






15 minutes






5 minutes


10 minutes






Total: 62 minutes

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