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How to Pack or Unpack Guest Luggage--butler Training Guide


 Butlers will provide Unpacking service upon arrival and Packing service prior to departure to Guests.


Upon Guests arrival Butlers will offer to unpack their luggage.


Mr. Jones, Would you like me to unpack your luggage?”



Although most guests will not require this service, if the request is made the Butler will provide an enthusiastic attitude to complete the service.


The Butler will complete the service as earliest as possible depending on the time concerns and situation, however do not rush and all unpacking must be done properly as trained and meets the standard of Hotel.


Record all request in the daily Guest Needs and Preferences log sheet with accurate time, type of request, duration and time required to complete.


Butlers must be knowledgeable with the steps of unpacking always-taking personal care of Guests personal items. You are required to be discreet and do not discuss subject of Guest personal items on other associates.


Upon Guest checkout schedule contact Guest 2 hours before departure or what deemed appropriate, and ask if their require Packing Service.


“Mr. Jones, Would you require any assistance in packing your luggage?”



If Guest request packing, you will go to room and follow your training in packing his/her luggage in a professional manner.


 Log all requests in the Guest Preference sheet in order to ensure input in the Guest History for future stays.

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