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Bellman - Front Office Department Job Description


Front Office


Bell Captain











-All Front Office Personnel

-All other Divisions / Departments Personnel

-Hotel guest / Patron / Golf Member



Primarily tasked in providing the hotel guests / patrons the efficient Bell service, to ensure the luggage being delivered collected, stored accurately and promptly all the time. Meanwhile, should be more pro-active in practicing the salesmanship to promote the hotel products at any guest contact, for example, when rooming the guest.



Conducting the Bell service activities such as luggage service upon guest's arrival and departure, luggage storage, message service fax delivery, parcel and mail hand-over, information service and other related tasks.

Opening the door of the car for the guest in a professional manner at the main entrance of the hotel and assisting to unload the luggage if any.

Extend warm welcome and appreciation to every guest / patron at any customer approaching by greeting "Welcome to Hotel Plaza " or "Welcome back, Mr. / Mrs. / Miss So & So".

Rooming the guest in a professional way, which includes addressing the guest by name, holding the lift for guest and extending hotel introduction to guest, etc..

Having wealth of knowledge in relating to hotel products, events and promotion, playing the role of salesmanship by doing their effort to sell the hotel at each customer contact, to maximize the hotel revenue.

Assisting to arrange the transportation for guest in the absence of Bell Captain.

Being responsible for the cleanliness of the counter and the surrounding environment.

Being in charge of the lobby lighting on & off periodically.

Distributing the newspaper to long staying guest and departments concerned.

Extend assistant to guests and patrons alike in a flexible manner unless it is illegal.

Maintain professional image while on duty with well grooming hygiene and prescribed uniform.

Perform other duties being assigned by the Bell Captain, Assistant Manager, Front Office Manager or other concerned hotel officers.

Always concern energy and environment conservation issues in the daily work.

14. Perform all duties, other than the above as requested by hotel policies and/ or his/ her direct supervisor.








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