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1)Approach the room quietly.



2)Observe if the “Do not disturb” light is on or the card is hanging on the door knob.

3)Ring the door bell and announce “Housekeeping.”


4)Wait 15 seconds.


5)If the guest opens the door, announce yourself with a smile and tell the guest why you are there.


6)If no one replies, ring the bell again and open the door slowly announcing “Housekeeping” as you open the door.

7)If the guest(s) is sleeping close the door and return at a later time. Write the time on your work sheet.

Why should you approach the door quietly?




What should you do if the “Do not disturb” sign is hanging on the door or the light is on?



Why is it important to be careful of the way we enter a room?





What is the correct way to announce yourself?






Why must the door be opened slowly?



Why should you write the time you approached the door on your work sheet?

Guests may be sleeping so it is very important to keep noise to a minimum on the corridors.


Whenever the “Do not disturb” sign is showing, leave the room quietly and come back later.


Once a room is occupied, the room “belongs” to the guest so one has to be careful how they enter the room.




“Good morning / afternoon / evening, Mr. XXXXXX, may I make up your room now or would you like me to come back later?”



The guest(s) may be sleeping and has not heard the door bell.


Writing the time is important in case there are any complaints later on regarding the room not being serviced too late.

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