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Tourism Case Study Examples - The cruise market: Carnival Cruise Lines

Carnival Cruise Lines is an American company which was set
up by shipowner, Ted Arison. He redesigned the concept of
the cruise holiday from an up-market and luxury occasion, to
a casual fun experience. He created Carnival to compete with
the successful land resorts of Florida and the Caribbean, and
to provide an alternative family holiday at sea, which was to
be carefree and informal. The cruises were to be reasonably
priced so that they would appeal to all generations and
within an affordable budget.
The Carnival fleet today offers the customer all the attractions,
entertainment, sports, activities and shops which they
would find in a holiday complex. This allows the customer to
be entertained in a resort-like atmosphere, while sailing
around beautiful areas of the world, such as the Caribbean
and the Mexican coast.
The Carnival concept is to offer customers an experience
which is just as exciting as the destinations visited during the
cruise. The cruises are excellent value for money for customers
on a limited budget, since nearly everything – food,
parties, shows, activities and entertainment – is included in
the initial cruise price. The cabins have been designed to be
spacious and feature private facilities, air conditioning, television,
radio and telephone. Carnival’s new superliners also
have demi-suites with balconies and luxurious 28 square foot
The ‘Fun Ships’ cruise ships currently go to over sixty
destinations, and these are listed in Exhibit 7.1.
Exhibit 7.1 Destinations visited by Carnival ‘Fun Ships’

Alaska – Glacier Bay: Northbound Alaska: Southbound Alaska.
Experience the unmatched beauty and majesty of Alaska the
grandest way possible.

Bahamas – visiting the Bahamas is the perfect antidote to life’s
everyday demands. Ever since the days of Blackbeard, this has
been the ultimate tropical playground.

Canada/New England – our neighbours to the north greet you
warmly as they invite you to spend time enjoying their hospitality,
fall foliage and native delicacies.

Caribbean – Eastern Caribbean: Southern Caribbean: Western
Caribbean – swim in the blue water and see the fascinating sites of
the Caribbean.

Hawaii – with its lush tropical beauty, surfing-ready waves and
welcoming warmth, Hawaii’s natural attractions offer an irresistible

Mexico – Baja Mexico: Mexican Riviera – discover the sandy
beaches, renowned vineyards and open-air markets of Mexico.

Panama Canal – an engineering marvel and one of the most
significant waterways on earth, the Canal is one of Panama’s most
amazing sights.

Special voyages – Bermuda: Cruise to Nowhere – get ready for
two fun-filled days cruising aboard one of Carnival’s floating

Source: Carnival Cruise Lines.



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