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Handling Request for Concierge Services--butler Training Guide

Standard: Butlers will accept all requests with regard to Concierge Services in a professional and courteous manner. They will not transfer responsibility to Concierge associate but will request assistance politely from them in order to personally deliver and fulfill Guest request.


Upon receiving a request that requires Concierge Services, accept the responsibility of the request, record all required information and acknowledge to Guest that it will be done.


Confirmation of Airline Tickets

Airline information

Dinner Recommendations and Reservations

Tickets for Entertainment

Sightseeing Arrangements and Bookings


All Requests must be completed and information confirmed back to the Guests within 3 minutes.


If the request requires assistance from your associate in the Concierge, call a Concierge associate from the Pantry room Phone and inform them of the request. However, again keep in mind the request must be delivered to Guest within 10 minutes or ASAP depending upon the request.


Record all request in the daily Guest Needs and Preferences log sheet with accurate time, type of request, time of delivery, etc.


Butlers must be knowledgeable with all services provide from the Concierge Department in order to be able to answer all questions and inquiries about the services provided and to take required information for purpose of arranging any request.


Good communication and accurate transfer of request is essential to fulfill the request and meet the Guest Expectations.



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