Job description: Guest Service Manager

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Job description: Guest Service Manager
Reports to:
Hotel Manager
Region / Business Unit:
Internal Key Liaisons:
- Hotel Manager
- X-perience Manager
- Human Resource Manager
- Sales Manager
- MT members
- Employees
External Key Liaisons:
- Guest/ booker / accounts
- Relations / networks
- Municipal institutions
- Suppliers
Job purpose
Optimise the turnover of the rooms division and to generate the room revenue within
the segments BG, BI & LI. Leading the activities within the rooms department.
Key accountabilities
1. Manage, in irregular shifts, the employees who are in charge of the day and night
reception, service to guests, luggage handling, keep an eye on the safety, key
management and night-audit. In order to:
• Coordinate the planning of schedules, work division, scheduling employees
in the several shifts; solving bottle-necks.
• Determine the manpower, recruit and hire new staff in consultation with
the Hotel Manager and/or HR Manager, keep an eye on enough
introduction, execute annual performance reviews.
• Execute the staff management (leave, training, promotion, etc.) in
consultation with the Hotel Manager and/ or HR Manager.
• Take care of a good work climate; executing performance reviews of direct
and indirect employees, taking measures in case of problems in
consultation with the Hotel Manager and/ or HR Manager.
2. Coordinate/ arrange the execution of tasks within the Reception. In order to:
• Allot activities/ tasks, give instructions;
• Take care of the progress and the execution quality of the tasks;
• Work conform. SOP’s, this also counts for PMS System:
• Execute checks on a the correct and prescribed administrative processing
of the night-audit;
• Gear particularities/ problems, etc with other departments;
• Treat questions. Complaints of guests, in the last resort; if necessary take
decisions in consultation with the Hotel Manager.
• Take care of the correct contact with guests/ relations, efficient use and
control of spaces, inventory, and installations.
3. Take care of enough output of the hotel and the department. In order to:
• Optimize the reservations; take care of active local sales activities.
• Develop ideas and stimulate ideas through employees for special activities
and arrangements; discuss proposals with the Hotel Manager.
• Execute parts of the Sales plan and pass on contacts if necessary.
• Treat particular (group) reservations (correspondence, make offers, etc.).
• Set up plans and concept budget (turnovers, costs).
• Guard the realisation, trace and adjust deviations.
• Discuss/ authorize proposals of employees for (material) purchase.
• Develop improvement actions, carry trough costs savings.
• Deliver data for budgets and investments.
• Make investment proposals to the Hotel Manager.
• Observe and make proposals for possible improvement within the
• See to the observance of the instructions in the field of safety, Arbo,
HACCP and work and presentation methods (house style/ corporate
• Responsible for a representative and neat appearance of his/ herself and
other employees within the Reception department.
• Be present at commercial meetings.
• Organise monthly work consultation of the department.
• Be present at sheet discussions.
4. Coordinate/ arrange de execution of tasks. In order to;
• Supervise the execution of tasks (progress, execution quality); and adjust
when there are deviations;
• See to appropriate use and control of spaces , inventory, equipment/
• Treatment of complaints of guests.
5. Stimulate enough department result via active sales. In order to;
• Optimize the bookings/ reservations.
• Stimulate and work out ideas and proposals for special activities and
arrangements; suggest proposals to the Hotel Manager.
6. Work according to the Best Available Rate system and keeping up to date the
prices which are published on the different Internet sites.
7. Responsible for the correct presentation of the hotel on Internet sites and in GDS
and Lanyon.
8. Jointly responsible for the recruitment policy within the hotel with regard to
segmentation, budget and forecast.
9. Responsible for the internal sales in the hotel. And give the yearly presentation of
the Marketing Outline and objectives.
10. Make divers reports: the Rooms Forecast, the production report of all accounts
and the segmented Forecast.
11. Make monthly overviews of the booked results.
12. Responsible for keeping up to date the knowledge with regard to the results,
price fixing and developments at the competitors.
13. Responsible for the cross selling activities to colleague hotels.
14. Responsible for the price policy with regard to rooms and leisure arrangements in
consultation with the Hotel Manager, Banquet Sales Manager and colleague
15. Responsible for the stimulation of a healthy Yield culture within the hotel.
16. Responsible for the representation of the hotel and colleague hotels in a
professional and conscientious way.
17. Contribute to the company policy, from the own field of study, among other
things through participation in MT or staff meeting. Putting forward proposals and
co-determine about proposals of other colleagues. Take care of the
implementation of taken decisions.
18. Train and guide employees.
19. Responsible for the execution of Duty shifts.

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