Laundering and Dry Cleaning

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Laundry and Dry Cleaning

To dry clean is simply to clean without using water. It can be any solvent other than water. Vice versa, to launder a garment means to clean it with water and other agents such as soap, detergent or softener.

Some Things You Should Know..

    Not all materials can be cleaned.
    Not all that can be cleaned can be dry cleaned.
    There are various methods of dry cleaning
    Not all care labels on the garments are 100% reliable.
    Different materials require different solvents and agents. (Eg. cleaning of rubber, leather and wool
      are not the same.)
    Some garments require both laundry and dry cleaning.
      Sometimes it is a matter of preference whether to wash or dryclean.
Advantages of Dry Cleaning ?

    It reduces shrinkage (esp. for long items like curtains & highly shrinkable materials like wool).
    It reduces wrinkage (esp. for silk, cotton and linen).
    It reduces the wear and tear of fabric.
    It reduces the colour fading and bleeding.
    It protects the texture of garments.
    It prolongs the life of garments.
Advantages of Laundering?

    Water is the best solvent for most chemicals and stains, hence cleaning effect is better.

    Sensitivity to the dry cleaning solution.
    Washed items smells fresher.
    It is cheaper to wash.
Please Seek Professional Help If..
    Your garment is strictly for dry cleaning only.

    You are not sure what material your garment is made of.

    Your garment is complicated and require different treatment on different parts.

    Your garment is very delicate.

    Your garment is bulky and drying is difficult.

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Laundry Attendant Job Description

1、Ensure that contractors provide a constant supply of clean and damage free linen, achieving zero referrals from Residents.
2、Distribute linen accurately, ensuring sufficient supply for housekeeping service.
3、Check and report defects, blemishes and fading of residents' laundry before sending out to be cleaned.
4、Check, report and touch up Residents' laundry upon return, to bill and return the items laundered to the Resident accurately and before asked.
5、Liaise with contractors for special treatment of laundry, handling of damaged Laundry and linen, shortage of returned linen and Laundry.
6、Ensure repairable laundry and linen are mended, to covert defective or damage linen into usable items and to covert 'old' items to enhance surrounding.
7、Monitor linen supplies and to initiate linen/uniform reordering, checking all linen types, uniforms and housekeeping supplies and equipment, to assist during inventory count.
8、Calculate and generate laundry revenue and management laundry expenses.


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