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hotel supply Trends

The London Hotel Development Monitor produced by Visit London estimates all new
hotels opened in London with 20 bedrooms or more. The Monitor provides the basis for
the estimates of new stock below, and suggests that between 1991 and 2002 21,000 new
rooms (gross) were added to London's room stock (c1,750 bedrooms pa). The London-
New York Study (Corporation of London et al 2000) is broadly consistent with this
estimate, suggesting that between 1989 and 1998 approximately 16,040 new bedrooms
(gross) had been provided (1,800 pa).
Loss of stock estimates (ie. reductions in the number of hotel rooms due to demolition or
closure) are based on information received from Westminster City Council, and the basis
for the estimate is outlined in more detail below (cf. Stock Reductions). Stock losses
were not included in the 2002 PwC report.

Table 2: Estimated stock of serviced accommodation in London, 1991 to 2002
Source: Visit London, Visit London Development Monitor, Westminster City Council
Notes: (1) Visit London data for new stock for 2002 have been updated to reflect newly published data from Westminster
City Council (Annual Monitoring Report 2004-05).
(2) Loss of stock between 2002 and 2004 published by Westminster City Council (the largest
provider of accommodation). This data has been averaged to arrive at a rough loss estimates for other years.

Data on losses are not published by other Boroughs, although it is acknowledged that there are losses to the hotel stock over time.
Trends in accommodation over time are illustrated in Figure 1 below. Solid rises in
hotel stock between 1998 and 2001 saw a period of strong growth in stock. As can be
seen, the estimated loss of stock (the basis for this estimate is provided below) is small in
comparison with the overall stock of serviced accommodation.

Figure 1: Hotel stock London, 1991 to 2002



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