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New Employee Orientation

One of the best ways to ensure that new-employee orientation is productive for
both the employee and the organization is to create a checklist that managers
and supervisors may consult. In larger hospitality operations, such a checklist
may be provided by the human resources department. In smaller operations,
the owner or the general manager may be responsible for preparing it. If different
tasks on the checklist are going to be performed by different people,
then the individual’s name should be specified and appear next to the task. In
general, the larger the hospitality business is, the larger the checklist. In the
example that follows, the checklist has been broken into three broad categories:
(1) Things to do before the new employee arrives, (2) things to do on the employee’s
first day at work, and (3) things to do by the end of the first week of

Before the New Employee Arrives
In preparation of the new employee’s arrival, you should do the following:
* Notify everyone in the new employee’s department that a new person is
starting and what the person’s job will be.
* Ask other staff members to welcome the new employee and encourage
* If possible, identify an employee to act as a mentor to the new employee
for the first week.
* Enroll the employee in new-employee orientation.
* Send the new employee a welcome letter and a schedule for the first week.

First Day on the Job
A new employee may be anxious about starting a new job. Try to create a comfortable
environment and remember not to overwhelm the employee. On the
first day you should do the following:
* Give a warm welcome and discuss the plan for the first day.
* Tour the employee’s assigned work area.
* Explain where restrooms, refreshments, and break areas are located.
* Provide any required keys.
* Arrange to have lunch with the new employee.
* Tour the property and introduce the new employee to key personnel.
* Introduce the new employee to his or her mentor.
* Review the company’s organizational chart and explain the department’s
relationship to the big picture.
* Review the employee handbook.

During the First Week
Be sure the following items are handled in the first week of employment:
* Review the employee work area to ensure that any needed equipment or
supplies are in place.
* Ensure that the employee has received a proper uniform and name tag.
* Set up a brief meeting with the new employee and his or her mentor to review
the first week’s activities.
* Schedule a meeting with human resources to ensure that the new employee
has completed all necessary paperwork.
When planning a new-employee orientation program and checklist, it is important
to remember that many new hires in the hospitality industry question
their decision to work for your company by the end of their first day. Their anx-
ieties are fueled by mistakes that companies often make during that first-day
orientation program. Hospitality managers and supervisors who are planning a
new-employee orientation program should ask themselves: “What do we want
to achieve during orientation? What first impression do we want to make?”
There is no doubt that a hospitality company’s positive first impressions can “cement
the deal” for a newly recruited employee.

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