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InterContinental hotel Check in Procedure

1. Has a welcoming smile & greet guest within 10 seconds.

2. Ask for P.P / ID, confirm guest's RSVN and address guest by name at least twice during the check in procedure.

              YES                                 &  NO
3. Retrieve reservation and confirm    3. Ask for guest's preference
    RSVN details: C/O date, room           Provide information about room
    Tye, guest's preference etc.              rate  & room type
                                                        Provide recommendation toguest

4. OPERA fast check in, Pass the massage to guest immediately when Add remarks shows. Print RC Form, Ask guest for deposit.

5. Take Authorization from credit card or write the deposit record, write RC Form and welcome booklet.

6. Obtain guest's signature on the RC, deposit recoed and welcome booklet. Make key card on this time.

7. Inprint the credit card NO. on the RC form or take cash.

8. Give back P.P. / ID, credit card deposit record and key to guest and show the room NO. and room rate to  guest. Tell guest room rate include breakfast or not, Explain how to use the key card for first trip Guest.

9. Enquire guest requires assistance with: departure arrangement, airport confirmation, hotel restaurant booking etc. PC introduction.

10. Do self introduction and wish guest enjoy stay with us.
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1. Good afternoon, sir / Madam! Welcome to ******, how may i help you?

2. Have you made reservation?

3. May i have your passport for a moment, please? - Thank you!

4. Mr. / Ms ***, your RSVN is a SMK (smoking)/ NSK (non-smoking) *** room, stay for *** night?

5. Mr. / ms ***, How would you like to pay the deposit? Credit card or Cash?

6. May i have your credit card for a moment, please? - Thank you!

7. Mr. / Ms ***, During your stay in the hotel, if you need limousine service or air line ticket service please contact us, just dial "***".

8. Mr. / Ms ***, Please sign here, this is your room rate include 1 brekfast (your room rate not include breakfast, the cost is $***net per person), You can have your breakfast in Western restaurant on the fist floor, and our In-house guest can enjoy Western Buffet Dinner for *** discount. Mr / Ms***, do you need make a reservation.

9. This is your passport and credit card. - Thank you!

10. Mr / Ms ***, this is your key card and room NO. is here, my name is ***, anything i can do for you , please contact us.

11. Enjoy your stay!
FIT Check-in

FIT Check-in

FIT Check-in (1).gif
8-20-2010 01:12

FIT Check-in

FIT Check-in (2).gif
8-20-2010 01:12
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