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  • St.Vincent and the Grenadines Hotel and Tourism association
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    The St.Vincent and the Grenadines Hotel and Tourism association is a non-profit organization registered under the companies Act of SVG. It was first established in 1968 as the St.Vincent Hotel Association but was expanded in 1999 to encompass the entire Tourism Sector, hence its present designation. The association recognizes the growing importance of Tourism to the economy of St.Vincent & the Grenadines brought about in part by the decline in other sectors. We believe that the industry has great potential for development and the many challenges faced can be overcome through the collective efforts of all the members. Aims & Objectives * To promote co-operation, understanding and closer association amongst the management of hotels, clubs, guest houses, and other establishments in St.Vincent & the Grenadines catering in any way to the comfort and well being of the guests and patrons or to the Tourist Industry in general. * To establish and maintain a code of ethics to be followed in all business dealings by all members of the Association whether as between one another or third parties. * To protect and support the members of the Association in matters relating to their trade or bussinesses. * To stimulate and develop sustained interest in the St.Vincent & the Grenadines Tourist Indusrty at home and abroad. * To liaise continuously with the Government of St.Vincent & the Grenadines and Government-sponsored bodies or agencies or Government departments with regard to matters affecting the Tourism Industry. * To engage in, undertaking, encourage, and support every form of publicity and advertising calculated to promote the aims of the Association. * To establish relations with localand international agencies which provide assistance to the Industry through thier various programmes e.g training. * To make, alter, establish and to execute any by-laws, rules and regulations deemed necessary for the futhering of the objectives of the Association and for the good governance of the Association. Our Main Focus Training and Human Resource Development Advocacy, Product Development and Marketing and Promotion. Membership You may join the St.Vincent & the Grenadines Hotel and Tourism Association as a business, allied member or individual. Publication The Ins & Outs Magazine