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  • Hotel Motel and Accommodation Association
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    HMAA is continually working for accommodation owners and operators, lobbying various levels of government on behalf of members and representing them on various boards and committees. Regular News Bulletins are posted on this site to keep members informed and assist them to keep up to date with all business and industry news. We ensure the industry has a strong united voice to represent its interests in areas such as industrial relations and accommodation taxes, and work with Government for the benefit of our members. Industry Representation – The HMAA provides representation for members to Tourism Bodies, employee unions, government departments and other parties with an interest in our industry so as to provide satisfactory outcomes to assist business achieve their financial goals. Industrial Relations – Our information Hot Line provides assistance and advice to members on all Employment Practices issues, including workplace agreements, wage rates, employee recruitment, counselling and termination. Awards For Excellence – Members can enter their properties in our Awards For Excellence that provide winners and finalists a marketing opportunity to promote their property on a local, national or international level. These awards recognise excellence in business. Membership benefits – Our services provide money saving opportunities provided by our Corporate Partners who provide goods and services at discounted prices. Taking advantage of these savings, members will find even more value in their membership. Information & Training Forums – We provide members with up to date information on industry trends, products and legislation and liaise with local accredited training providers to provide the most up to date courses relevent to our industry and local areas. Industry standards and accreditation – We promote best practice business standards throughout our membership and recognise the need for minimum business standards to be regulated equally, while developing best practice standards for the benefit of members. Locally based membership committees provide direct input into matters concerning operations of the association in each region. Matters of broad association policy take into account the feedback of the regional members through the Regional Elected Representative in each of the nine regions.