• Convention planning checklist – Sheraton Group

    2010-10-26 05:45:08

    Sheraton Group Convention planning checklist – offers an American checklist, produced by Sheraton Hotels and Motor Inns.
  • The loyalty schemes of hotel chains, 2000

    2010-10-18 18:50:50

    It shows a comparison of the programmes of five leading international hotel chains.
  • Studying The Market

    2010-06-09 01:20:34

    If you have a clear vision of where and what your hotel/restaurant/club will be in the future, you havea much better chance for survival. Why? You know where you are going and have thoroughlyresearched potential advantages and pitfalls. In determining the potential success of yourconcept, we have to see if it will:Work in the particular location you have chosenGenerate sufficient sales to realize a profitHave a certain amount of “staying power” no matter what the economy doesAny potenti.
  • Traveling With Twitter

    2010-05-02 02:22:38

    By KRISTEN BELLSTROMTo prepare for his latest business trip, Hickson Chen went through the usual routine: packed, checked his itinerary, confirmed his flight—and sent his hotel a Twitter message about chicken-fried steak.No, that last one isn't a mistake. During a recent stay at the Sheraton Austin, Mr. Chen, who uses Twitter for everything from looking for hotel deals to requesting upgrades, discovered a new use for the social-networking Web site. Upon learning that the hotel had axed his .
  • Make Mother's Day Memorable with Four Seasons Resort Scottsdale at Troon North

    2010-04-16 03:28:27

    Treat mom to a well-deserved weekend of rejuvenation.Indulge mom this Mother’s Day with a weekend of special activities at Four Seasons Resort Scottsdale at Troon North. From a day of health and wellness at the Spa to sumptuous brunch in Crescent Moon and a special dinner menu in Talavera, there is no better way to pay tribute to mom.Head to the Spa for the Healing Harmony Mother’s Day package, offered May 7 – 10, 2010. Featuring a restorative Custom Facial coupled with an Aromatherapy.
  • Warmbrodt Hotel Investments Advises in the Sale

    2010-03-23 22:59:03

    Warmbrodt Hotel Investments Advises in the Sale and Debt Placement of the Holiday Inn ExpressKANSAS CITY, Missouri, March 22, 2010 - Warmbrodt Hotel Investments, Inc. (“WHI”) announced today it advised in the sale of the three-story, interior – corridor, 93-room Holiday Inn Express located in the Salina, Kansas. Additionally, WHI placed the acquisition and renovation financing with a Kansas based regional bank.WHI represented the seller, FCH/HHC Hotels, LLC in the purchase by Kansas Lodg.
  • Promotional ideas for hotels on Facebook

    2010-03-11 05:21:02

    Let's recap the smart marketing actions taken by these hotels:1. Encourage fan photos2. Get a username URL (ex: facebook.com/opushotel)3. Post video interviews with your staff ("behind the scenes access")4. Provide unique content on your page (not available elsewhere)5. Announce special events...then followup with a photo album for each event6. Use Facebook applications to include content from other networks you're active in7. Engage your followers: talk with them, ask them questions.
  • Hospitality brands and integrating the marketing mix

    2009-12-31 19:58:44

    Brands are central to the marketing of multi-unit hospitality businesses. Hospitalitycompanies develop branded concepts, and then blend the elements of the marketingmix to provide target customers with a better brand offer than their competitors. It is crucial that each element of the marketing mix is consistentwith all the other elements. For example a luxury hotel brand cannot be successfullylocated in a ‘down market’ area, and a cheap and cheerful restaurant cannotsuccessfully promote .

    2009-07-11 01:25:47

    SALES & MARKETING PLAN & BUDGET REVENUE 2004INDEXSection 1) The Market Overview1a) Situation Analysis1b) Flights Capacity1c) Infrastructure Development1d) Investment1e) Attractions1f) Calendar of Events (domestic)Section 2) The Product2a) Hotel Fast Facts2b) Unique Selling Points2c) Positioning StatementSection 3) The Competition3a) Competitor Quick Guide & Performance Comparison3b) Competitors Rating Scale3c) The Target CompetitorS.
  • Marketing Channels

    2009-06-23 05:25:47

    Distribution is an important element of the marketing mix, but it is often difficultto understand its role in services marketing. Service channels are usuallynot traditional in the sense that there is a manufacturer, a wholesaler, anda retailer. Often, one firm performs all of the channel functions because thereis no physical transportation of a product, and the production and consumptionof the service occur simultaneously. However, service firms in industrieslike hospitality and tourism m.
  • Managing products and services

    2009-06-21 22:39:45

    By Marketing on 6-21-2009 22:49 last editedDeveloping a sound marketing strategy is a cornerstone of successful marketing.When a company is successful and its marketing programs are thebenchmarks among its competitors, it is often the result of a sound and welldevelopedmarketing strategy. This thread examines the key aspects of managingthe product-service mix. The first area concerns the product levels andtheir importance in differentiating the product. The second area is the productlif.
  • Identifying Products and Services

    2009-06-20 00:45:29

    Hospitality and tourism firms may offer more than one service or product linethat is targeted at different market segments. It is often necessary to distinguishthese offerings from one another if they are to hold different positionsin the marketplace. Therefore, branding is a critical component of the marketingstrategy for hospitality and tourism firms. The following section definesthe terms related to branding and their use in the positioning of products.
  • Organizing For New Product Planning

    2009-06-20 00:25:54

    Firms use a variety of organizational structures to develop new products andservices. No one way is best, and each has inherent advantages and disadvantages.The primary organizational structures are new product committees,new product departments, product managers, and venture teams. Each ofthese structures is explained in the following paragraphs.
  • Planning For New Products

    2009-05-20 05:00:12

    It is critical for firms to take a systematic approach to developing and marketingnew products and services. The potential rewards are high for successfulnew products or services, but the potential risks of failure are equallyhigh. A firm must do a thorough analysis of a new product idea to determineif it is compatible with the firm’s goals, if the firm has the necessaryresources, and if the environment is favorable. Marketing plans should containinformation regarding new product developm.
  • Developing New Products and Services

    2009-05-20 04:54:16

    No matter how successful a hospitality or tourism concept is, if the companyassociated with the concept does not evolve and change, then it will be leftbehind. If we were to consider the top 100 companies in the lodging and foodservicesegments, we would find that each year, some companies drop off thelist and get replaced by new ones. Corporations such as Marriott International,Carnival Cruise Lines, Hilton, Wendy’s, and Disney continue to lead the industrybecause they have been very succ.
  • Ethical Issues in Marketing Research

    2009-05-19 07:17:27

    As with most other areas in marketing, there is potential for unethical behaviorin marketing research. Research ethics is the code of behavior set bysociety and the research industry to define appropriate behavior for firms andindividuals. Three parties are involved in the marketing research process, andeach has its own set of rights and obligations concerning ethics. The followingis a brief description of the rights and obligations for respondents, researchsuppliers, and clients.
  • The Marketing Research Process

    2009-05-19 06:58:22

    The marketing research process is undertaken to answer a wide variety ofquestions, which might include: “Where do our guests come from? How frequentlydo people dine out in this area? In what types of restaurants do theymost frequently dine? If the seating capacity of a restaurant is expanded by20 percent, what impact will this have on sales and profits? If the city buildsa new convention center, how many additional room nights is that likely tobring to the city?”Conducting market resear.
  • Sources of Marketing Information

    2009-05-19 06:39:33

    A variety of sources can be used to obtain the information necessary to fuela marketing information system. These information sources can be groupedinto two main categories: secondary data and primary data. Secondary datawere previously collected for another purpose. Primary data are generatedfor a specific purpose when the information is not available elsewhere. It isnormally advisable to search for secondary data before engaging in a primarydata collection process. The secondary data may.
  • Information Systems for Marketing Decisions

    2009-05-19 06:25:40

    Since the advent of personal computers, the world has experienced an informationexplosion, and all industries have made substantial advances in informationcollection, analysis, storage, and retrieval. The hospitality industry wasvery much a part of this trend. As the external environment becomes moreintricate and more competitive, informational needs become more complex.Organizations that employ a systematic approach to collecting, analyzing, storing,retrieving, and using information effec.
  • Developing a Marketing Plan

    2009-05-12 06:00:38

    Planning focuses on the future. It involves assessing current environmentaltrends and determining what is most likely to occur in the future. People whoare responsible for developing marketing plans chart a course of action thatthey believe will allow the firm to achieve its stated objectives. Planners cannever be 100 percent certain that they will achieve their stated objectives, butwell-developed plans have a much higher probability of accomplishing thedesired results.In general, a mark.
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